We are involved in managing industrial waste

We have an integrated licence for the collection, recovery and disposal of both hazardous and non-hazardous waste. Our services are provided in accordance with ISO management systems, as evidenced by the following certificates:


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What makes us different?

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We operate in the industrial waste sector since 2002. Our core activities include recovery and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, involving production of alternative fuels, which enables us to collect a wide variety of waste. We also have a specialised plant for the disposal of pressurised containers (aerosols). Our clients are companies involved in waste collection as well as waste generators: e.g. companies from cosmetics, furniture, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and automotive industries. Our decisions and machines suited for waste processing allow us to offer our customers high quality services on very attractive price terms. In order to meet market expectations, and thus the needs of our customers, for several years, we have been gradually expanding the scope of our operations by implementing more and more new technologies.


Production of alternative fuels

In our plant in Czempiń near Poznań, the waste is converted into alternative fuels.

We have two lines for the production of alternative fuels:

Production line for SSW
(Solid Shredded Waste) fuels:

This type of fuel is produced
by shredding and crushing solid waste, such as:

plastics, cleaning cloths, rubber waste, textile waste, food products, etc.

Production line for absorptive waste fuels:

This type of fuel is produced by mixing and grinding such waste as wastewater (sludge), creams, pastes, adhesives and lubricants with products having absorptive properties.

The fuel obtained in this process can be successfully used in the cement industry, which is extremely energy-intensive.

Recovery of pressurised containers (aerosols)

We have plant and machinery suited for the recovery of pressurised containers from the cosmetics industry (deodorants), pharmaceutical industry (inhalers) and chemical industry (e.g. spray paints and varnishes). As a result of the recovery process, the generated metal fraction is handed over to authorised entities for further recovery, and the liquid fraction is used in the production of alternative fuels.

With our precisely developed technology, the whole recovery process is carried out in compliance with all safety and environmental protection standards.

Legal basis:

Integrated licence for conducting activity in the field of waste management,

issued by the Marshal of Wielkopolskie Province, document ref. no.: DSR-II-2.7222.20.2014, of 16 December 2014

Management systems

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